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We get all kinds of questions related to leatherwear and we always aim to give an honest and independent answer based on our experience and knowledge gained over the past 25 years of trading.

We have shared some of them here and if you have a specific question that isn’t covered please get in touch via email and we will include it on our next web update… thank you.


Where appropriate we seek advice from an image consultant as we don’t pretend to be fashion stylists – we leave that to Gok Wan or Trinny and Susannah!

Q How can I tell if a leather jacket or coat is the right size for me?

Check out our size guide.

Q How can I tell if a leather jacket or coat is good quality?
Check label to see that the garment is 100% genuine leather and inspect lining, stitching and all finishes. There should be no loose threads and zips should be marked YKK. As with most things quality is reflected in the price so beware cheap imitations.


Q Is all leather rain proof?
 Leather is a natural material that withstands rain and should certainly be shower-proof. Full-grain nappa leather weathers particularly well and is probably the best choice if you spend a lot of time outdoors.


Q How can I keep my suede jacket clean?
Suede jackets (and shoes) should be protected with Scotchguard or similar at least every eight weeks. Collar and cuffs may need extra attention due to the skin’s natural oils. At the first sign rub gently with French chalk or Fuller’s Earth and follow with a dry suede brush.


Q What is the best way to deal with a nubuck leather jacket that got soaked in the rain?
 Nubuck as well as suede can benefit from being Scotchguarded on a regular basis. If the jacket gets wet allow to dry naturally on a well-shaped hanger away from sunlight or direct heat.


Q The lining in my leather jacket is torn – can you fix it?
 We offer an alteration and repair service for any leather jacket or coat regardless of whether it was purchased from us. This includes replacement of worn or torn lining, shortening of sleeves and in the unlikely event of a zip failing, we can also replace zips as well as buttons.


Q Are you ever too old to wear leather?
 Leather is a natural material that wears well so if you have a much-loved jacket or coat that you’ve had for years we see no reason not to keep wearing it. When buying new, then consider shape and style to suit your lifestyle… think Harrison Ford rather than James Dean, or Honor Blackman rather than Cat Deeley.


Q I have a scratch mark on my favourite bag – is there anything I can do to disguise it?
 Depending on the extent of the damage renovating polish can work wonders, both on bags and jackets. Bring it in to our shop and we will do it for you at a small charge.


Q Should I wear my leather jacket and skirt together?
 Stylists tell us leather probably works best in moderation, one garment at a time but hey, if you want to wear them both then go for it!


Q I am a senior manager in a large organisation – can I wear my leather jacket to work and still be taken seriously? 
 A neat, well-tailored leather jacket teamed with a pencil skirt and silk shirt works just as well as a classic two-piece suit. For a man, a leather waistcoat over an open-necked shirt or a single-vent blazer can make a nice change from traditional suit and tie… you see them all the time in Rome! As with any occasion, dress code depends on the specific environment and what you feel most comfortable wearing.

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