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Celebrity Leather Fashion early 2000's

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

When it comes to fashion, no matter the era, celebrities have always been a go-to for us normal people to get tips from. Whether it's because their latest tv show character is so cool we all want to be like them (aka The Fonz from Happy Days) or whether it's because one of the top fashion magazines such as Vogue have done a fashion editorial using our favourite celebrities as models; we always look to the celebrity world for our fashion fix.

What with being a Designer Leathers boutique and all, it's pretty obvious that we'd be interested in all things fashion - especially if they're leather! So thinking about Celebrity leather fashion, we started to reminisce about the fashions we wore in our younger years, and just for fun, we thought we'd see what some of the most famous celebrities were wearing at that time too!


Backstreet Boys wearing Leather jacket

Circa 2001, this image of the Backstreet Boys is enough to take anyone back to their younger years, surely?! Girl bands and boy bands are usually a very high influence on the fashion we wear as youngsters, mainly because there are usually 4 or 5 different personas, each with their own style - making it easier for us to find a 'character' to identify with and follow. As you can see in this image, only one of the boys is wearing leather in the form of a leather coat, but he still makes it look stylish - I would say this look also influenced many a nightclub doorman's wardrobe around the late 90's early 2000's - wouldn't you agree?

Jessica Simpson wearing red leather coat

Moving onto another leather coat with a very different feel. The beautiful Jessica Simpson looks great no matter what she's wearing, but we at Designer Leathers absolutely adore this look - because it's a full leather outfit! We especially love the detail of the roses which are on both the leather trousers and the leather coat, tying in together beautifully and really accentuating the outfit.

Eva Longoria tan leather jacket 2001

Looking at another stunning actress, Eva Longoria who was wearing this amazing leather outfit the same year as Jessica. At Designer Leathers, we have something similar to this which you can buy HERE, so we're particularly happy to see this look on a Hollywood celeb.

Tan leather jackets are one of the most popular colours that we sell at Designer Leathers, both in store and online, and looking at this image you can see why! This leather jacket really fits her frame well, and sets off the olive skin tone beautifully.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson brown leather jacket

And finally, we'll skip forward to 2005 and take a look at someone that is a completely different size and shape to Eva - Dwayne The Rock Johnson. In this picture he's wearing a tailored leather jacket that is a classic length for that year. with wide lapels and only one button, this brown leather jacket is designed to look similar to a suit jacket, giving a slightly smarter appearance. If you'd like to try this look why not check out our Milano Mens Leather Blazer which you can buy online, and see how it looks on you?


That's it for our celebrity tour. If you'd like to check out other leather looks check out our online store to see what takes your fancy. Happy online shopping!

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