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Leather Care - make your Leather Fashion last longer

Here at Designer Leathers, we work with top Leather Designers across Europe, so we understand the hard work, attention to detail and pure passion that goes into making each of our Leather Jackets, Leather Coats and Leather Handbags that we sell in our Designer Leathers High Street store in Peterborough, and in our Designer Leathers online shop.

Most of our garments are made using high grade Italian Leather, and are created to be stylish yet durable - so you shouldn't need to replace your leather garments for decades if you look after them correctly.

Recently a customer bought a Thruxton Mens Black Leather Biker Jacket from our online store, and contacted us to ask if we had any advice on how to look after it properly, as his previous Leather Motorcycle Jacket had perished slightly after much use and zero care. This made us think about doing a mini guide for all of our customers - this guide is for painted leather only, if you have anolin leather products we recommend leaving it to the professionals and taking it to a dry cleaner! See how to check if your leather garment is anolin or painted here.

Read on below to find out more about caring for your Leather jackets and leather handbags, to keep them feeling supple and looking glossy and new!


1) Keep it clean

If you've been out on a Motorbike in your leather biker jacket, you'll know that any salt used on the roads over Winter have a nasty habit of spraying you all over! You must remove salt deposits instantly to prevent dry spots and cracking on your leather jacket. Simply use a damp (not wet) cloth to remove the excess and then once it's dry, use a leather conditioner treatment to follow up. This is also the same process to use if your leather jacket is covered in insects and mould.

Whichever cleaning product or method you decide to use, always test it on an inconspicuous area of your garment first. Then leave it on for 5-10 minutes to ensure it's safe before proceeding to use the leather cleaner on the rest of your garment.

If you're unsure which leather cleaning product to buy, you can buy a complete Leather Care Pack from the Leather Expert online store to get you started. But remember to check the individual care label for that garment first!


2) Keep it water resistant

There's loads of products out there that claim to make your Leather Jacket waterproof, but be warned - leather is not supposed to be fully waterproof, only water resistant. So don't go sticking it in the washing machine; and if you do end up getting caught out in the rain, make sure you dry out your leather jacket or leather handbag when you get home, then treat it with a cleaner which will also help to keep it water resistant.

As always, check your care label too - some cleaners may not be suitable for the type of leather that your garment is made from. We advise that you re-apply your leather water resistant treatment once every 6 - 8 weeks.


3) Keep it conditioned

If you leave your leather jacket or leather bag to dry out, it can become brittle and crack easily - and these cracks are not easily remedied.

Before you treat your leather garment with an oil or conditioner, make sure it is cleaned first using the methods above, and completely dry.

You can buy Premium Leather Conditioner from Leather Experts online, or you can buy the Leather Jacket Conditioner from Leather Honey online.


4) Keep it stored correctly

Last but not least - once you've gone to all that trouble to clean and condition your leather jacket or leather bag, you must make sure it is stored correctly to ensure it doesn't get stretched, faded, wrinkly or mouldy.

If you're hanging your leather jacket, make sure you use a wide hanger, and preferably a padded one, to help keep the shape of the jacket. If you are storing your leather handbag, you can also use a hanger instead of putting it on the shelf to reduce wrinkling.

Keep your leather products away from direct sunlight to avoid faded patches, and dryness which will lead to cracking over time - and we know how hard that cracking is to sort out!! And ensure your leather garment can 'breathe', to avoid mould build up - otherwise you'll be repeating steps 1 - 3 much more often than once every 8 weeks!


If you need any more advice on how to care for your leather jacket, leather coat, leather handbag or leather holdall, you can check out the Wiki How page for detailed advice.

When you're ready to purchase your new Leather Jacket or Leather bag, head over to Designer Leathers to see what we have in stock, both online and in our High Street Store which re-opened today!

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