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New Year, New Fashion?

wardrobe example showing retro fashion like the vintage jackets available to buy online at the Designer Leathers online shop

With the start of the New Year, we thought we'd join in with the whole 'New Year, New You' malarky - but with a leather fashion twist of course!

At the Designer Leathers high street store, we had a very busy Christmas with leather jackets for sale and our new range of leather handbags - plus we had plenty of our leather gloves flying out the door too! So the Christmas holiday gave us a great break, a chance to relax and time to reflect on the coming year and what we would do next with both our Designer Leathers high street store and our Designer Leathers online shop.

One of the things we did during the holiday was to have a mini clear out to take a few bits to the charity shops, and it was whilst doing this we found a few of our older generation, vintage leather jackets! Oh the memories some of those jackets have!

Those memories from our retro leather jackets got us thinking about the way fashion changes over the years, so we thought we'd take a closer look at leather fashion from the 1970's to now - and share the journey so you guys can reminisce with us!


Let's start back in the 1970's with this hot little number! We found this leather outfit in deep burgandy in the Harpers Bazaar, and from the oversized leather beret to the high waisted leather skirt, we think the outfit screams Charlie's Angels! We love the additional high gloss shine to the leather that was a key look for leather fashion in the 70's.

You can shop our Designer Leathers ladies leather jackets in red here.


Moving onto the 80's and we found this scrumptious pic, also in the Harpers Bazaar, of the gorgeous Cindy Crawford back in 1988. Cindy is dressed in an oversized black leather jacket on a night out in New York. We love the large lapels, the leather shine and the length of this jacket, and we remember this style well! This leather jacket was a favourite with many celebs in the 1980's

One of the most famous celebs we could find in a Designer Leather jacket from the '80s was the fabulous Madonna. As the era of disco music faded and was replaced with punk and metal, so too the style of leather jackets changed in world of fashion. There was a huge rise in black leather jackets for sale in this era, usually worn with a plain tshirt or one with a simple logo. Madonna was definitely an artist that helped to push the punk style leather jacket, and leather jackets in general, into mainstream fashion.

If you're looking for a black ladies leather jacket this winter, why not try our Alicia Ladies Black Leather Three Quater Length Jacket; or for something more similar to Madonna's biker styler jacket above, you can shop our Sandy Ladies Classic Retro Black Leather Biker Jacket in our online store.


Oh wow - the 90's, what an era!

When it comes to leather jackets, we all know that they are the perfect outer garment to keep you warm - essential at this time of year, especially if you're on a night out like these lads!

A leather jacket is also an essential item of clothing if you want to look cool as a cucumber - very important if you're planning on impressing the ladies, like the guys here at The Junction nightclub in Cambridge in 1992.

We love the multi coloured leather jacket worn in this picture, and we have mens leather jackets for sale in a similar style which you can find here.


And so we move to the new Millenium - the naughties, a decade of many new beginnings including that of leather fashion.

Here we have the handsome Matthew McConaughay in 2003, wearing a mid length, tan leather jacket in two different outfits. This is the decade when we really started to see more of the lighter leather jacket colours become more popular - we're pretty sure most of us have owned a tan leather jacket in our time right?

Well if you've never owned one or if you'd like to buy yourself a new tan leather jacket, you can find many leather jackets for sale on our website - shop mens tan leather jackets here, or ladies tan leather jackets here.


Finally to 2020, the year that got away from us....

If we take a look at the major Designer labels, 2020 has been a big year for leather. From London to to Paris and Milan, the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton and McQueen had leather elements in every part of their fashion shows. Leather shorts, leather biker jackets, leather blazers and leather trousers dominated the runways this year, and the difference we see at the start of this new decade is the era of luxury. From sheepskin to suede and super soft high quality leather garments, we are certain that this will go down in fashion history as the decade of opulence. And even though we didn't get to wear our leather jackets out much in this year (or last year in fact!) they will remain a timeless fashion piece in many a wardrobe.


And so we reach the end of our reminiscing - what a journey! If you'd like to find a leather jacket for sale, you can find both mens leather jackets and womens leather jackets in our online store - plus there's a New Years sale on right now! So what are you waiting for - get shopping!

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